Ned North Star Membership Questions

Can I change or upgrade products in my Membership?

Yes! To change the product, simply start a new checkout with the new product you desire. After that, just cancel the previous subscription. Your membership will not be interrupted!

Updated 4 months ago

Can I change the frequency of the recurring orders in my Membership?

Yes! Simply login to your account and edit the frequency of your recurring order(s).

Updated 4 months ago

Can I make changes to recurring orders in my Membership?

Want this month’s order sooner? Are you traveling and need to skip a month? Do you need to pause your membership? Yes, yes and yes! You’re in control. You can manage your recurring order from your ac…

Updated 4 months ago

How do I sign up for a Ned North Star Membership?

To become a Ned North Star Member, all you have to do is make a subscription (auto-renew) purchase. We’ll do the rest! Your membership and all of its perks will remain active for as long as you have…

Updated 4 months ago

How much does North Star Membership cost?

Your Ned North Star Membership is free, at no additional cost with any auto-renew subscription! There's zero commitment and you can cancel anytime!

Updated 4 months ago