Natural Cycle Collection Product Questions

Do you have a product for hormones?

Balance Blend was specifically created to offer functional support for hormone balance throughout any stage of life. Containing 600mg of CBD, sourced from USDA certified organic hemp, and organically…

Updated 2 weeks ago

Do you have a product for period symptoms like cramps and PMS?

We have created three different products that can offer functional support for the discomfort that can come with a monthly cycle. Each of these products can be used alongside our Full Spectrum Hemp C…

Updated 1 year ago

What ingredients are used in your Natural Cycles Collection products?

Balance Blend : MCT oil*, evening primrose oil*, chia seed oil*, red raspberry leaf*, nettle*, milky oats & oatstraw*, red clover blossom*, dandelion leaf*, lemon balm*, black seed oil*, full spectru…

Updated 1 year ago