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Can I take too much Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Fortunately, one cannot take too much full spectrum hemp oil. We do think that each body has an ideal serving size that varies depending on life circumstances. It's best to start low at 10mg no matter your body proportions or experience and gradually

Does full spectrum hemp have side effects?

The side effects of full spectrum hemp are rare and very mild. Occasionally, customers report feeling relaxed or sleepy. On very rare occasions, there may be an allergic reaction to either the hemp or the MCT oil, which is most often highlighted by a

Does your product help with anxiety?

Due to federal regulations, we're not able to comment on specific ailments, diseases or conditions so it's best to consult your healthcare provider. That said, stress is a major component of everyday life, and CBD has been extensively investigated fo

General serving size recommendations

If you are new to full spectrum hemp/CBD products, we always recommend starting slow and low to see how your system responds. Start with one dropper (1ml) once a day. Then feel free to move up to twice a day or increase by half a dropper at a time. R

How long will my bottle last me?

It varies depending on serving size, concentration and frequency, but if using multiple times daily you can expect to reorder every 30-45 days. Our subscriptions make your daily use of  Ned more affordable. Ask us about one today to receive 15% off e

How much Full Spectrum Hemp Oil should I take?

If you are new to full spectrum hemp/CBD products, we always recommend starting slow and low. Day 1-3: Take a 10mg serving once per day. Try it in the morning to start. Day 4-6: Add a second 10mg serving in the evening. Day 7-14: Be consistent and gi

How often do I take Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

We encourage a serving 1-2x a day around the same time if possible. Consistency and patience is key!

I have never used CBD oil, which product should I buy?

We offer three concentrations that are all made with the same high quality hemp so you can't go wrong. Our 300mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is always be a great place to start. It is best for those new to working with CBD and experimenting with serving s

Is Ned Full Spectrum Hemp Oil safe for children

We’re sorry to say that due to federal regulations, we’re not able to offer guidance for children and minors. We recommend consulting a physician and or resources and families that have experience using CBD with children.

Is Full Spectrum Hemp oil safe for pets?

Yes! Both humans and our furry friends can enjoy Ned. Ned's Daily Blend 300mg is a great option for pets! Our convenient measured dropper allows you to customize the serving for your pets specific needs. We recommend 1mg per serving for every 10 lbs

What does Full Spectrum Oil taste like?

Ned is earthy, slightly warming and a direct reflection of the hemp plant itself!. We go through great lengths to preserve the biological integrity of the hemp plant and avoid any flavoring. The result is a far more natural product that reflects the

What is MCT oil and why is your carrier oil?

MCT coconut oil is a wonderful supplement made from a fat called medium-chain triglycerides. MCT has a smaller molecular makeup than most fats, which makes it easier to digest and faster to enter the bloodstream. MCT is the perfect carrier oil for Ne

What is the best way to take Ned oil products?

The best way to ingest Ned full spectrum hemp oil is sublingually through the capillaries under the tongue. They are the best absorption point and allow the oil to find its way into your system the fastest. If under the tongue doesn't work for you, y

When do I take my Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

It is more common to take a serving in the morning and/or in the evening. That said, we suggest sticking with the times of day that make the most sense for your schedule. For those working with Ned to support rest it would probably be best that the s

Why is it recommended to take Ned daily?

It takes time and consistency to restore balance in our systems. This is why we really emphasize taking your Ned at least 1-2 times a day for at least 7-21 days to allow your endocannabinoid system to be properly nourished.

Will Ned hemp products show up on a drug test?

Yes, it is possible so if your livelihood depends on it, we do not recommend ingesting full spectrum hemp. There is less than .3% of THC in our products which is under the Federally legal limit and below the 20% needed to feel psychoactive effects. H

Will Ned products make me high?

No, Ned's full spectrum hemp oil is a major non-psychotropic, which means it will NOT get you high!