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Are Ned products allergen-friendly?

Ned products are manufactured in our own clean facility so there is no cross contamination with wheat, milk, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, nuts, mustard, or other allergens. Our products do contain MCT coconut oil which some classify as a tree nut. Whil

Do you have a topical full spectrum hemp product?

Our Hemp Infused Body Butter is a Vitamin A, C, and E rich topical formula which offers Full Spectrum Hemp through skin absorption. It supports the nervous system by supporting the physical body first and remedies soreness and tension by stimulating

Do you lab test your products?

All of our hemp extract is lab-tested by an independent 3rd party lab to assure the final product is of integrity, consistency, and free of contaminants, pesticides and heavy metals. All our lab reports are visible on our website!

How much Body Butter should I use?

Feel free to use it liberally and as often as you like!

What does the Body Butter smell like?

Our signature N°1 scent found in our Hemp Infused Body Butter is derived from a blend of the finest essential oils, all intentionally selected for their distinct natural healing and grounding properties. Together, they provide a tantalizing, but bala

What is the consistency of Ned Hemp Infused Body Butter?

You won't find the Body Butter to be a creamy lotion or a whipped moose. It may even feel a bit solid if you're storing it in a cool place. However, when you massage it out of the container and onto your body, you'll find an ultra hydrating moisturiz

What is the most popular flavor lip balm?

It’s a pretty even race amongst the four lip balms! The cardamom is grounding and warming, the peppermint is cooling, the grapefruit is energizing and the natural is pleasantly neutral.

When is the best time to use the Body Butter?

Many of our customers enjoy using it immediately after a shower or after a hard workout, but there isn't a right or wrong time to use the Body Butter!