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General Serving Size RecommendationsUpdated 2 months ago

If you are new to full spectrum hemp/CBD products, we always recommend starting slow and low to see how your system responds. Start with one dropper (1ml) once a day. Then feel free to move up to twice a day or increase by half a dropper at a time. Remember to be consistent and give your body space to adapt to this new natural product. Time and consistency are the key to success. Effects can be immediate or take up to 30 days.

Things to always be aware of when starting a new lifestyle change are body sensations, difference in thought, mood changes, energy levels, appetite, body temperature and heart rate. 

Serving size recommendations for each product are below. 

Daily Blend 300 

Daily Blend 750

Daily Blend 1500 

Sleep Blend

De-Stress Blend 

Balance Blend 

Daily Blend and Sleep Blend Capsules 

Hemp Infused Body Butter and Relief Balm – 1 tsp per application as needed

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