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Hemp Side EffectsUpdated 4 months ago

Does Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Make You Hungry?

Studies have shown full spectrum hemp oil (FSHO) to increase appetite but experts agree that FSHO does not typically result in the munchies people often experience with THC. Research suggests that FSHO increases metabolism, which may lead to a boost in appetite. However, as with most of FSHO’s varied effects, any changes in feelings of hunger will likely be subtle.

Does FSHO Make You Tired?

Research shows that higher doses of FSHO can act as a sedative, promote feelings of calm, and help users fall and stay asleep. However, because FSHO is biphasic, it has different effects in low doses which have been shown to have stimulative effects and cause alertness in average doses of approximately 15 mg.

Does Full Spectrum Hemp Have Side Effects

The side effects of full spectrum hemp are rare and very mild.

Occasionally, customers report feeling relaxed or sleepy. On very rare occasions, there may be an allergic reaction to either the hemp or the MCT oil, which is most often highlighted by an itchy throat. If you experience an allergic reaction, we recommend you stop taking the oil.

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