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What is MCT Oil and Why is it Your Carrier Oil?Updated a year ago

MCT coconut oil is a wonderful supplement made from a fat called medium-chain triglycerides. MCT has a smaller molecular makeup than most fats, which makes it easier to digest and faster to enter the bloodstream. MCT is the perfect carrier oil for Ned Full Spectrum Hemp extract for these reasons and because it’s odorless and flavorless. This allows for the true essence and flavor of the hemp plant to come through. 

Notice: Although MCT has many benefits, it also can create mild side effects like stomach upset. It can take up to 7-14 days for your stomach to adjust. Should you experience any discomfort, we suggest taking the oil with a meal or closer to mealtime. If this doesn't help, chewing on raw ginger and or drinking chamomile, ginger or peppermint tea should.

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