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What is Ned?Updated 4 months ago

Ned is a wellness brand built on a simple truth: there’s nothing more powerful than the natural world. We’re on a quest to bring you the world’s best, science-backed natural remedies. 

Why don’t we say we’re a CBD company? Well because we’re not just a CBD company! We’re always exploring and finding a way to offer a variety of plants, herbs, roots, minerals, funghi, algaes, and other amazing remedies that come from nature. 

Where did the name come from and who is Ned?

When we created Ned, we aimed to build a brand that was the epitome of approachability. In our long discussions about the company vision, what we stood for, and the message we wanted to put into the world, a character started to emerge. 

The character was someone who could be a neighbor, a friend, a family member, or someone you meet in passing, but it was a person full of sage wisdom, smiles and captivating stories affirming a life well-traveled and better-lived. It was someone who made others feel at ease and accepted and could be trusted inherently. It was someone you could turn to for guidance on anything - from a time tested remedy for a headache, to learning about a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, to fixing a leaky faucet. 

The character’s name came to us in one eureka moment… Ned. Ned embodies our brand in his simple ways, colloquial manners, and understated worldliness. 

Perhaps he’s somewhere between the Big Lebowski cowboy and Sean Penn’s character in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. At the end of the day, Ned stands for simplicity and approachability and is whatever you interpret it/him to be!

Behind Ned is a small team; we’re an impassioned bunch who are obsessively driven to restore and strengthen a healthy and symbiotic connection between us humans and the natural world.

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