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What is the Best Way to Take Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Products (Tincture and Capsules)?Updated a year ago

For Tinctures: 

The best way to ingest Ned full spectrum hemp oil is sublingually (under the tongue). That is the best absorption point to allow the oil to find its way into your system the fastest. 

  1. Dispense the oil under your tongue. 
  2. Hold it there for up to two minutes. 
  3. Swallow it down.

If under the tongue doesn't work for you, you can add any of the oils to your food or beverage.

For Capsules:

You may notice that our capsules have a higher potency than our tinctures do. This is because we lose up to 30% of the potency in the digestive tract, so we increase the potency for the capsules so that you get the same amount you would in taking a serving of the tincture.

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